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Elise Manion is an American contemporary fiction author living in northern Nevada. Blue skies and snow-capped mountains provide the perfect backdrop for her imagination to run wild.


Her stories include romance and suspense, with a touch of humor. With five novels under her belt — and more on the way — she stays happily distracted in her office.

She lives with her husband of 30+ years and their border collie mix who’s really the boss of the house. 


You can find Elise on facebook, instagram, snapchat, and via email found below. 

In the Press

I absolutely loved the first 2 books, so I just knew I would love this book (Josh's Challenge) as well. Boy, I didnt realize just how much I would love it. Josh and Melissa, man. Talk about a love story that was written before they knew it.


Another fast-paced, edge of your seat book. This book had a few things I definitely didn't see coming. It kept me guessing, but didn't leave me in suspense for too long. I loved Jarod and Lauren's relationship. The fool just needed a wake up call to realize what he had right in front him. I love the King men. They're funny and fiercely loyal/protective.

Book Worm Mom,

This book was a great page turner and I even found myself thinking about the characters and their drama while at work and couldn't wait to read more at night. The small town drama was a great plot with a few twists and characters are easily loveable and relatable. Can’t wait to read book two!


In the Press


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