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Unwanted: Finding Where You're Loved by Elise Manion book cover

Where do you go when your home isn’t safe?


Sophie Miller can’t live in her Colorado Springs house anymore — not after what happened. She has to get away from her meth-addicted mother. Away from the danger. Away from the drug trafficker who wants her. 


Finally, her father sends for her in Applewood, Oregon where she falls in love with the sleepy town — and its persona non grata, Jeremy Rutledge. Spawned by the town conman, her father warns her to stay away from the boy with the kindest eyes she’s ever seen.


As their relationship blossoms, so does the trouble. After one out of control kegger, and their secret relationship is discovered, Sophie’s sent back to the hell of living with her mother, and the monster lurking in the shadows.


Will Sophie ever be safe? Will Jeremy stay by her side once he learns the truth? Will she ever find where she’s loved?

Although this book contains no graphic sex scenes, some content may be unsuitable for children under 16.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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