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Unwanted: Finding Where You're Loved by Elise Manion book cover
Finding Where You're Loved

Where do you go when your home isn’t safe?


Sophie Miller can’t live in her Colorado Springs house anymore — not after what happened. She has to get away from her meth-addicted mother. Away from the danger. Away from the drug trafficker who wants her. 


Finally, her father sends for her in Applewood, Oregon where she falls in love with the sleepy town — and its persona non grata, Jeremy Rutledge. Spawned by the town conman, her father warns her to stay away from the boy with the kindest eyes she’s ever seen.


As their relationship blossoms, so does the trouble. After one out of control kegger, and their secret relationship is discovered, Sophie’s sent back to the hell of living with her mother, and the monster lurking in the shadows.


Will Sophie ever be safe? Will Jeremy stay by her side once he learns the truth? Will she ever find where she’s loved?

King Brothers

Josh's Challenge by Elise Manion book cover
Josh's Challenge
Book 3 - Josh & Missy

When you live in a small town, reputations are impossible to transcend…


Plagued by social anxiety, Melissa Theroux has always used her shy girl label to her advantage. But now that she’s living next door to the town’s playboy, she’s going to have to get creative to push away his advances.


Josh King has always been intrigued by Melissa, especially since she’s the one girl in town who’s never chased after him. He’s determined to break through her shy reputation and make her a part of his life forever.


When a stalker comes calling at Melissa’s door, she must turn to Josh for help. Now Melissa must learn to overcome her panic attacks in the midst of beginning a new relationship, a new career…and an old past that won’t leave her alone.

Book no.2
Book no.1
Jarod's Heart by Elise Manion book cover
Jarod's Heart
Book 2 - Jarod & Lauren

Sometimes Your Future Is Right in Front of Your Eyes...


Sheriff Jarod King wants nothing more than to bury himself in his work. He has no use for women, unless they’re helping his department run smoothly. 


Lauren Lockwood has always hidden her true feelings from Jarod. And ever since his divorce, he’s been almost impossible to work with, let alone love.


But when a drug dealer invades their small town, Lauren and Jarod are forced to face their feelings for each other. Can they find the love right in front of their eyes?

Jason's Princess by Elise Manion book cover
Jason's Princess
Book 1 - Jason & Julie

Running From the Past, She Found the Truth…


Food truck owner Julie Armstrong has a lot on her plate, including raising her seventeen-year-old brother, Charlie. Barely making ends meet, she has no time for a relationship.


Jason King has been in love with Julie since the moment he saw her. There’s only one problem: she can’t stand him and blames him for the past.


But when a dangerous man threatens Julie and her brother, she’s forced to trust the one man she never thought she could. Julie is about to discover the truth about the man who’s loved her all along.

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