EM's Reader Review Club

I don't know about you but, as a reader, I'm always looking for my next good book. I rely heavily on reviews from other readers to lead me to a happily-ever-after novel; that next page turner to keep me awake until the wee hours of the morning. God, I love a book I can't put down.  


As an Author, I rely heavily on readers just like you to tell your friends about my books; to tell them what you loved (or maybe what you didn't) about my stories. Readers make authors better writers, better story tellers. Readers make it all worthwhile...

...Which is why I wanted to launch EM's Reader Review Club!

Here's how it works:

If you are a serious reader who likes to share your opinion this is the club for you. By filling out the form, you are promising to read one of the King Brothers Novels of your choice and then post your review on at least two platforms dedicated to book lovers; ie Amazon, B&N, Waterstones, iTunes, Goodreads, LibaryThing, Litsy, NetGalley, your personal blog/vlog, etc. Posting to social media and tagging me on those posts, or emailing me when they go live is even better. 

Club members who provide me with a physical mailing address (including PO Boxes) will receive small notes and gifts throughout the year. Club Members will be the first to know what I'm working on, and what event I'm attending. Also, I will be doing raffles to win signed copies of books being reviewed every few months. In order to be entered, you must first sign up, and then post a review. 


As this club grows, (and as I figure out technology) it's my hope for a more social group of people to participate in my works in progress. More to come on that! If you have ideas, please feel free to email me at elisemanion@gmail.com

As always, I will NEVER give your information away. I value your privacy just as much as I value my own

With that, I wish you Happy Reading!

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